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Matt Hancock urges new thinking on digital economy to solve productivity puzzle - comment from CoreHR

June-12-2018 -

Dean Forbes, CEO of CoreHR comments: Posted in Opinion on 12 Jun 2018 “The UK is facing a major productivity challenge, there’s no two ways about it, and the fact that the country has joint-lowest productivity in the OECD only strengthens the depth of this challenge. Now more than ever we need to bring the most out of our talented people to solve this productivity puzzle. Yet our research suggests 7-in-10  companies are failing to unleash the full potential of their most driven, ambitious employees – their smart talent. “Taking a fresh look at enabling productivity strategies and ways of empowering top employees, it must be taken into mind that people work best when they’re feeling fulfilled. By meeting their expectations of a seamless, collaborative, real-time experience, UK organisations can harness the full potential of their workforce. “The key to engaging with these workers in the first instance is to streamline the on-boarding process so staff feel empowered from day one. Processes and systems must be able to flex to accommodate workers who want to get up and running quickly. This is essential for ensuring UK businesses are at the forefront of their employees potential – helping to boost productivity in an increasingly digitised, automated, politically and economically volatile landscape.”

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